Consulting Services

We offer a wide range of consulting services and solutions to organizations in various industries. Our core skills lie in our ability to help organizations and businesses to maximize revenue, generate growth and develop a sustainable competitive edge through our individualized solutions. We are dedicated to delivering actionable results and having a positive impact on the bottom line and top line growth.

Our consulting services can be summarised in the following categories:

We provide support for maximizing corporate value and establishing competitive priorities as well as setting basic concepts for realizing strategic objectives and creating the corresponding execution plan.

We provide consultancy in developing corporate strategies, setting corporate visions and business plans, business re-organizing and re-structuring, corporate turnaround support, valuation, due diligence, mergers and acquisitions, post merger management, alliances and joint ventures, risk management, and corporate governance.

We integrate a range of business elements to ensure a workable approach and execution model, including corporate culture and change, transformational leadership, human resources, end-to-end business processes development and management, value proposition and innovation, information technology, and all the operations and functional areas of the organization to enhance the business and profit margins.

We are committed to achieving a strategy for business transformation. We support organizations by implementing new business models and reforming value chains.

We provide change management expertise to work with clients to facilitate change efficiently and effectively. Flexibility is key to growth in today's business environment.

We help organizations to use the skills on an ongoing basis that we use as part of a change management process, leading more dynamic teams and creating an environment that not only allows change but also fosters it. Our change management skills are a core component of all the services we offer.

We provide clients with an objective and focused team to manage and support them through a project's life cycle.

We have helped clients manage a wide variety of projects including system implementations, change management initiatives, merger-integration projects and organizational improvement.

Project management success requires a discipline at both the individual and organizational levels. Experience our Project Management Services that shall be embedded in our proposed services.

We offer comprehensive consulting that includes human resources development and management. We support clients to drive business results through improved organization, leadership, and management execution.

We provide expertise by working with the organization’s leadership and the management team starting from the analysis and the design phase to gain their commitment and ownership for the actions and implications for change and improvement.

We help organizations in employment and selection, talent development and management, values and culture development, engagement and communication, alignment and execution, performance management and excellence.

We offer marketing and sales consulting services that stem from our belief in entrepreneurial leadership and creative business development techniques. We bring international leading practice in creating, marketing and managing valuable brands as well as best structure the sales channels efforts exploiting the companies existing strengths and assets valuable to it.

We also specialize in communicating and managing international brands that appeal to multicultural audiences and consumers. We bring international insight and perspective with a refreshing view on the opportunity for multinational brands.

We are sensitive to the cultural differences that brands must respect. We bring a niche combination of experts and knowledge to provide these kinds of services.

We provide support for solving organizational problems from the standpoint of maximizing corporate value while being customer centric and transforming company operations into customer centric management.

We help organizations in customer information analysis, managing company’s interactions with current and future customers, assisting retention and loyalty programs, enhance customer-facing business processes to synchronize sales, customer care, technical support and operations.

We assist enterprises in building their Business Continuity Management (BCM) framework, prioritizing and managing enterprises risks, leading strategic and operational objectives and ensuring business as usual. Based on what we offer as practical, executable, and periodically achievable tested Business Continuity Plan (BCP), enterprises will be able to identify the business vulnerabilities and prepare the proper actions to mitigate the impact of any business interruption.

Building an efficient and effective Disaster Recovery (DR) Plan identifies the fastest, and minimal course of actions so that enterprises get back to the state of business as usual.

We provide integrated support from strategy creation to installation and operation to increase the supply chain visibility and community. We help organizations to design, plan, execute, control, and monitor the supply chain activities with the objective of creating net value, building a competitive infrastructure, leveraging inventory and logistics, synchronizing supply with demand and measuring performance as a whole.

We support organizations in their standardization of the production and manufacturing, sales and marketing, operation and automation and quality control.

We provide consultancy services to handle IT operations from the building of the corporate information infrastructure to the protection of personal information and the internal controls to support the entire IT lifecycle from management to utilization of information assets.

We support organizations in their IT vision creation in accordance with its needs and priorities, gap analysis and standardization, system infrastructure building support, IT cost optimization, mission critical system construction and maintenance, IT policies development and implementation.

We help clients address their fundamental business excellence model and process management challenges and then enable those innovative improvement programs with technology. We adopt a family of business process analysis and management tools and methodologies which we use to optimize business processes to achieve organizational performance.

We also prepare organizations for ISO Standards Certifications. We provide consultancy services for various standards such as Quality Management Systems, Information Security Management Systems, Health and Safety, and Environmental Management.

We are often engaged to provide custom-tailored solutions to existing clients and consulting services to new start-up companies. We also function as acquisition consultants of selected investment opportunities and offering by delivering the following:

  • Conducting business intelligence, research new business opportunities and emerging markets entry assistance for potential investors;

  • Working closely with the international technical partners in various fields and the potential investors to map out the newly formed company to ensure the strategic direction and business plan achieved;

  • Structuring and designing the offering in a manner that preserves the rights and interests of the international technical partners and the potential investors;

  • Determining the optimal investment instrument for the offering that will govern the relationship between the international technical partners and potential investors;

  • Preparing and executing all transaction documents and relevant contracts necessary for the acquisition and take-over; and

  • Assisting in preparation of all the offering documents, in addition to all the necessary documentation for the offering.